After spending over 20 years as an artist, teacher & professional framer, Alex has finally found the perfect blend of the work he loves and the hobby he always enjoyed.

Why did the name of the store change?

Alex Mortimer enjoyed growing up in the San Fernando Valley.
Going back to 1982, Alex and his best friend Mike bought all of their cards at Valley Baseball Cards.  They would ride their bikes here at least once or twice a week.  Alex spent many days hanging out at the store, looking through cards, sitting outside on the curb with Mike opening packs or building sets with the original owner, Max Himmelstein.  Alex was happy to be among the many customers over the years who were lucky enough to learn about cards from Max.  Back then Alex loved baseball cards but he never dreamed that someday he would get a chance to own the baseball card shop that he knew so well.
After high school Alex became a professional Artist and Picture Framer, working in the Bay Area and the San Fernando Valley for over twenty years.  Like many young artists Alex began picture framing as a means to frame his own paintings.  Little did he know he was on the path to becoming a professional Artistic Picture Framer.

“A written certificate of authenticity is provided with each autographed collectible, as required by law. This dealer may be surety bonded or otherwise insured to ensure the authenticity of any collectible sold by this dealer.”

With more than 25 years of experience as a professional Custom Picture Framer, Alex is one of the leading Conservation Specialists in the San Fernando Valley. Alex's resume includes managing the Framing Room of a large 'well known' store in the San Fernando Valley.  In 2006 Alex was hired as the Manager of Valley Baseball Cards and spent months learning the business & completely organizing the inventory.  In 2007 Alex was offered the chance to purchase the store, and the rest was history... and a lot of work.

Welcome to Valley Baseball Cards!  

Baseball was always the 'King of the Industry' during the vintage years of card collecting but in recent years basketball, hockey & football have become equally prevalent.  Although we strive to maintain the feeling of the old store people often misunderstood the name and thought that the shop did indeed sell 'just baseball cards'.

In addition to being an artist and Picture Framer, during his years in the Bay Area Alex also attended college and got a degree in Early Childhood Education.  After college he worked for a time at a Montessori school in the Bay Area.

Since then Alex has worked hard to make the store a success, and at the same time keep the nostalgia that Valley Baseball Cards is known for.  Each year, before Spring Training, Alex remodels and improves the store, doing much of the work himself. To him, preserving and improving Valley Sports Cards is a labor of love.

Come visit your card shop of 'Yesteryear'
and spend it with someone who has enjoyed it also, all of these years.  
We invite you to visit, we hope you enjoy our friendly family store.  

We hope to see you soon!

After visiting Southern California twice during her teens she fell in love with the area, the bustle & the ocean.  When she was 16 she was enjoying a summer at the beach & found out, to her absolute amazement, that it never snows in southern California... the course of her life would be set by that discovery.  After graduation she moved to California & pronounced it home.  In her early twenties Lona began a family and traveled to Northern California where she happily spent the next 18 years raising her children Trevor & Brittany.  She moved back to the San Fernando Valley in 2009.  

With a degree in Office Occupations I & II and 28 years of Office Management, legal work & customer service related jobs behind her, in addition to a childhood laden with sports, Lona has found her niche at Valley Sports Cards with her husband Alex.  Alex & Lona have worked together for years to make the store a success and were happily married in 2011.

Lona grew up quietly in a small (very small) town in Nebraska,
her hometown was lovely and full of friendly people & town spirit.

Both of her children also live in the San Fernando Valley.  Brittany lives & works in Chatsworth & Trevor lives and works in Woodland Hills. 

Having them nearby couldn't make Lona any happier!

Meet the Owner