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“A written certificate of authenticity is provided with each autographed collectible, as required by law. This dealer may be surety bonded or otherwise insured to ensure the authenticity of any collectible sold by this dealer.”

We've always got great autographed cards and memorabilia, come by and get what you want and save money!

The average Conservation price range at Valley Picture Framing is $195-$550.  By keeping his prices low Alex has earned a reputation as the go-to framer in the San Fernando Valley!  Best of all, unlike most other framing shops we only frame your items using conservation framing, if you ever wanted to remove them from the frames they would come out exactly as they went in, no damage.  

As well as the widely assorted 'showcase' cards, we have thousands of vintage commons, high #'s & star cards!  We have a full inventory that includes everything from rare vintage to today's hot players.  

Pick up a box of sports cards for a great price!  We also carry

Magic the Gathering!  

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Valley Sports Cards carries a full array of supplies to fit your needs. We have boxes/all sizes, toploaders (ALL sizes/types) sleeves, penny sleeves, dividers, One-Touch magnetics, uv baseball cubes, decorative cubes, basketball cubes, football cubes, Ultra-Pro, Soccer displays, Vintage cards holders, hat holders/displays, screw downs, recessed, non recessed, semi-rigid sleeves, boxes


We have thousands of cards to browse through & the kids love being able to buy large bundles of cards for only a few dollars!  Your children will enjoy learning about collecting cards and memorabilia & how to take care of their collectibles in the proper manner in this family friendly environment.  Spend as long as you like browsing, that's what we're here for!  

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Custom Picture Framing?

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Alex has been framing in the San Fernando Valley for well over 25 years and is a Certified Conservation Specialist!  

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