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Opening Hours


19640 Ventura Blvd

Tarzana, CA 91356

Tuesday - Saturday

11:00am - 7:00pm


11:00am - 4:00pm




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We're always buying!

Valley Sports Cards, Memorabilia & Picture Framing wants to see your Sports and Pokémon Cards, Autographs, Bobbleheads & Memorabilia!

Bring us your cards to take a look at - Vintage - New - Unique!

We are always willing to look at Jersey and autographed cards, as well as interesting items, and especially non-sports cards!

Sorry, we are not purchasing any sports cards from1980 - 2000 at this time.

Browse Wax and Sports Card Products!

We have everything from cereal boxes to hanger packs, to

blasters and retail boxes, up to big hobby boxes

and specialty boxes for the best prices around!

We feature boxes for popular, sought-after sports such as

baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey and more,

across different brands.


We also carry items for WWE and MMA, as well as limited

items for other sports such as racing, golf, and tennis.


See Available Pokemon Sets and Packs!

We always have the newest Pokémon sets in stock,

as well as a selection of out-of-print and vintage packs!

We feature fresh packs to choose from, as well as a

variety of tins, themed and specialty products, blisters, boxes,

ETBs (Elite Trainer Boxes), booster boxes, and UPCs (Ultra
Premium Collections)!

Also available are Japanese packs and boxes from the

newest available sets released!

We have many English and Japanese Pokémon singles and

house-made themed packs in our Pokémon-only display case

to look through!


Take a Look at our Other Non-Sports Cards!

Alongside Pokémon, we have plenty of other non-sports

cards to choose from!

We have available fresh packs and boxes of One Piece, Star

Wars, Disney's Lorcana, Marvel, and Yu-Gi-Oh! that we

are always expanding on.

We are also always rotating through other IPs such as

Digimon and Dragon Ball!

We also have hundreds of singles to browse through from

One Piece and Yu-Gi-Oh!, as well as Magic: the Gathering!


Pore Over Hundreds of Sports Singles!

We have quite a few display cases filled to the brim with

high-end sports card singles - raw and graded!

Each sport is separated by case, so you can find what

you're looking through quickly, or take your time browsing!

Every case includes raw and graded cards, as well as

autographed cards for each sport!

We even have an entire case dedicated to autographed

baseball cards, with a auto shelf just for Dodgers!


Browse our High-End and Signed Memorabilia!

Are you looking for the perfect gift, or display piece?

We have many options to choose from!

From signed and custom-framed readily available pictures,

to signed basketballs, baseballs, bats, and mini helmets,

vintage collectors pieces and programs, bobbleheads,

and so much morewe will help you find the perfect item!


Thumb Through our List of Available Jerseys!

We have many jerseys across all sports and sizes!

Many of our available jerseys are ready to be worn,

and even more of our jerseys are autographed and ready to be

displayed - or even framed!

We have a binder of all jerseys in stock ready for you

to take a look through! The lists are split between signed and

unsigned jerseys. If you'd like to see any of them a little

closer, just let our friendly staff know, and they'll

take it down for you to look at!

If you would like to purchase a jersey and have it framed,

our owner Alex is one of the best in the framing business,

and specializes in jersey conservation framing!

Please see our Custom Framing page for more details.


Check out our "Buy It Now" board!

Created by our founder as the "Bid Board" where you bid on

member's cards and bundles, we have rebranded it to now

be our "Buy It Now" board!

Browse dozens of house-made, themed sports card packs

available to you at a discount!

Packs are constantly being rotated out by our amazing

staff, so you have something new to look through

every time you visit!

All years, themes, and bundle prices are listed on each pack.

Hunt for a Treasure in our Dollar Bins!

Do you have some time to spare to hunt for treasures in

our many boxes of dollar cards?

Adults and kids alike love to sift through the thousands upon

thousands of cards available in our dollar bins!
We have two sections available - 

$1 bins and $2-5 dollar bins, with deals for bulk on each!

These bins include base and rookie cards, parallels, relic cards,

inserts, refractors, and even the occasional autograph!


Building a Set? See What We Have in Stock!

As well as our widely assorted showcase cards,

we have a seemingly endless amount of vintage common

sports cards, high numbers, and star cards!

We have a fully-stocked inventory that includes everything

from rare vintage to today's hot players!


Sift Through our Dime Boxes!

If you're looking to bulk up your sports or non-sports card

collections with commons, the dime boxes are for you!

The dime boxes contain not only cards for all sports,

but thousands of Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic: the Gathering,

Garbage Pail Kids, and so many other IPs as well!

The dime boxes are wonderful for teaching the new

generations of collectors in the hobby what to look for,

and how to have fun hunting!


Card and Memorabilia Supplies and Displays

We carry a huge assortment of trading card supplies, and display protection!

If you have any questions about what we carry, please give us a call to see what we have in stock!

We carry storage boxes of all sizes, toploaders of EVERY size and type, sleeves and penny sleeves,

dividers, One-Touch magnetics, UV baseball cubes, decorative cubes, basketball and

football cubes, Ultra-Pro products, soccer displays, vintage card holders, hat holders and displays,

screw-downs, recessed, non-recessed, and semi-rigid sleeve of all sizes!


History of the Store

Valley Baseball Card Store, still located at 19640 Ventura Blvd. Tarzana, Ca 91356, is known worldwide and is well known as the oldest card shop in the San Fernando Valley.

Valley Baseball Cards is now known as Valley Sports Cards, Memorabilia & Picture Framing. 


 Why did we change our name?

Baseball was always the 'King of the Industry' during the vintage years of card collecting, but in recent years, basketball, hockey, & football have become equally prevalent, as well as other IPs joining the hobby, such as Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Although we strive to maintain the feeling of the old store, people often misunderstood the name and thought the shop did indeed sell 'just baseball cards'.



A great shop for buying, trading or just talking about sports. The entire team is helpful, polite and knowledgeable. They are patient with my younger sons and never try to oversell anything. Prices are fair, selection is great, employees are amazing.
Would highly recommend.

Ty A.


Alex, the owner is very knowledgeable about cards/framing. He is super personal & approachable and will take the time to help you out with whatever you need. Michael, who works behind the counter, is the nicest guy in the world and is there to answer any questions. This place is more than a card store it's a community!!!

Daniel P.

This is by far the most diverse sports and memorabilia store in Los Angeles. Where else can you buy a signed jersey or picture and get it framed for a great cost at the same location. The diversity of a bid board, packs, loose cards and memorabilia is amazing. Alex is also super friendly and willing to make deals. This is like going into the 1980's and getting to shop for cards. You have to go here!

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